Is The Bucket List Family Still Mormon? Find Out Here!

The Bucket List Family emerges as a captivating force of wanderlust and unity in the vibrant social media landscape, where picturesque destinations and family adventures dominate our screens. Renowned for their globetrotting escapades and heartwarming glimpses into family life, this nomadic clan has captivated audiences worldwide. Yet, amidst the breathtaking visuals and exploration, a lingering inquiry persists: Are The Bucket List Family still steadfast in their adherence to Mormon values? 

Embark on this exploration with us as we peel back the layers of Garrett and Jessica Gee’s journey from Utah, where the tenets of the Congregation of Jesus Christ of Modern Holy people shaped their upbringing, to the far-reaching corners of the globe.

is the bucket list family still mormon

The Roots of Faith

The journey of The Bucket List Family traces back to the roots of faith in the Congregation of Jesus Christ of Modern Holy People, generally known as the Mormon Church. Originally from Utah, Garrett and Jessica Gee and their three children – Dorothy, Manilla, and Calihan – were raised in a community deeply connected to Mormon values. Temples, family prayer, and community service were integral aspects of their lives, shaping their character and worldview.

The Gee family’s commitment to Mormon values was evident in their decision to serve a mission, a rite of passage for many young Mormons. Garrett and Jessica spent two years in different parts of the world, spreading the teachings of their faith. These early experiences laid the foundation for The Bucket List Family’s unique approach to life, blending wanderlust with deep-rooted spiritual values.

The Intersection of Faith and Exploration

As The Bucket List Family gained popularity through their travel blog and social media presence, some followers questioned whether the family’s nomadic lifestyle remained consistent with their Mormon beliefs. 

Symbiotic Journey

Explore how The Bucket List Family sees their global travels as integral to their spiritual growth, enhancing their understanding of humanity and family bonds.

Cultural Connectivity

Delve into how the Gees actively engage with diverse cultures during their adventures, embracing the values of acceptance and unity ingrained in their Mormon upbringing.

Spiritual Reflections

Uncover moments where the family seamlessly weaves their faith into the fabric of their explorations, sharing snippets of family prayers and expressions of gratitude amidst awe-inspiring landscapes.

Challenges and Resolutions

Examine how the Gees address criticism regarding the compatibility of their nomadic lifestyle with Mormon values, emphasizing the evolving nature of their perspectives and unwavering commitment to faith.

Global Faith Community

Highlight instances where The Bucket List Family actively participates in and respects various global faith communities, fostering a broader understanding of spirituality beyond their Mormon roots.

Teachable Moments

Showcase how the Gees use their travels as opportunities to teach their children about different faiths, instilling values of respect and curiosity in a world rich with religious diversity.

Navigating Challenges and Critics

With fame comes scrutiny, and The Bucket List Family has not been immune to criticism. Some sceptics question the authenticity of their commitment to Mormon values, arguing that their lavish lifestyle and constant travel are at odds with the teachings of modesty and simplicity often associated with the Mormon way of life.

In response, the Gees acknowledge the challenges of navigating a public life while staying true to their faith. They address concerns openly, emphasizing that their interpretation of Mormon values emphasizes love, acceptance, and family unity. While they acknowledge that their lifestyle may differ from the traditional Mormon mould, their commitment to faith remains unwavering.

Evolving Perspectives on Family and Faith

The Bucket List Family’s journey has not only taken them to exotic destinations but has also led to a continual evolution in their perspectives on family and faith. Through their adventures, the Gees have embraced a broader definition of family, extending beyond blood relations to encompass the global community.

Their faith has played a pivotal role in shaping this inclusive worldview. As they engage with diverse cultures and encounter people from all walks of life, The Bucket List Family sees their travels as an opportunity to share the values of love, acceptance, and unity in their Mormon upbringing. In doing so, they challenge preconceived notions about the compatibility of a nomadic lifestyle with deep-rooted religious beliefs.

The Future of The Bucket List Family

As The Bucket List Family continues to embark on new adventures and share their journey with the world, whether they still embrace Mormon values remains at the forefront. 

The future of this nomadic family holds the promise of continued exploration, growth, and an unwavering commitment to the core principles instilled by their faith.

Embracing Diversity in Faith Communities

As The Bucket List Family explores the world, their interactions with various cultures and faith communities have broadened their understanding of spirituality. The Gees emphasize the importance of embracing diversity in faith and recognizing the common threads connecting people with different beliefs. Their experiences have led them to appreciate the richness of global religious landscapes, fostering a sense of unity that transcends religious boundaries.

The Gees actively seek opportunities to engage with local communities and religious practices during their travels. Whether participating in ceremonies, sharing meals with locals, or volunteering at religious events, The Bucket List Family is committed to building bridges between different faiths. This approach reflects a nuanced understanding of Mormon values beyond their immediate religious community.

Parenting on the Road – Balancing Adventure and Education

One of the unique aspects of The Bucket List Family’s journey is their commitment to providing a well-rounded education for their three children while on the road. The Gees have become advocates for experiential learning, using their travels to expose their children to diverse cultures, languages, and historical sites.

While embracing adventure, the family ensures that the educational aspect of their travels aligns with their Mormon values. They emphasize the importance of instilling a sense of curiosity, respect for cultural differences, and a global perspective in their children. Through homeschooling and immersive experiences, The Bucket List Family demonstrates that blending a nomadic lifestyle with a values-based education is possible.


In concluding the riveting journey from temples to travels with The Bucket List Family, their story unfolds as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of faith and exploration. The Gees, through their nomadic lifestyle, have not only embraced the world’s diverse landscapes but also enriched their understanding of family, spirituality, and global interconnectedness. Serving as travel influencers and ambassadors of faith, they have shattered stereotypes, emphasizing the compatibility of a dynamic lifestyle with deeply ingrained religious values. 

The family’s commitment to authenticity, inclusivity, and philanthropy resonates as a beacon of love and unity across cultural boundaries. As The Bucket List Family evolves, their narrative is an inspiring fusion of wanderlust and unwavering faith. It permanently imprints the embroidery of modern family values and offers a glimpse into a future where the intersection of faith and exploration knows no bounds.


Qno:1 How do The Bucket List Family balance their nomadic lifestyle with their Mormon values?

The Bucket List Family emphasizes that their travels are not a departure from their faith but rather an extension of it. They maintain a harmonious balance by actively incorporating compassion, gratitude, and service principles into their global adventures. The family believes that exposure to diverse cultures and experiences enriches their understanding of humanity while staying true to the core tenets of their Mormon upbringing.

Qno:2 How does The Bucket List Family respond to criticism about the compatibility of their lifestyle with traditional Mormon values?

The Gees address criticism with transparency and openness, acknowledging the challenges of navigating a public life while adhering to their faith. They emphasize the dynamic nature of their perspectives, explaining that their interpretation of Mormon values prioritizes love, acceptance, and family unity. The family remains steadfast in their commitment to authenticity, showcasing that a nomadic lifestyle can coexist with sincerely held religious beliefs.

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