Advanced technology, strong performance, and immersive gameplay have earned the PlayStation 5 (PS5) praise. DualSense controllers with haptic feedback and adjustable triggers enhance this gaming experience. Players, especially those with tiny hands, worry about the PS5 controller’s comfort and use. For small-handed gamers, this article examines the DualSense controller’s ergonomics and offers suggestions for improving comfort and accessibility.

ps5 controller small hands

Comfortable Design

DualSense controller design and functionality are revolutionary. Dynamic triggers imitate in-game activities, and its haptic feedback mechanism makes gaming more tactile. These innovative features make the controller bigger than the DualShock 4.

At 160mm long, 66mm high, and 106mm wide, the controller is one of the biggest popular controllers. Players with tiny hands may struggle to reach all buttons or keep a stable hold throughout long gaming sessions.

Small-handed gaming challenges

  •  Reach and Comfort

 Fingers strain while reaching thumbsticks, triggers, and shoulder buttons for smaller players. This might cause pain and discomfort over time.

  •  Grip:

 The DualSense controller’s broader, rounder handles are meant for comfort, however thin-handed people may find it awkwardly holding it.

  • Button Accessibility:

 Smaller hands may struggle to reach the D-pad and face buttons without moving positions.

  • Weight:

 The DualSense controller weighs 280 grams (more than prior versions). Its bulk and weight might tire small-handed users.

Help and Tips

  •  Custom Grips and Accessories:

 Several third-party firms create DualSense compatible grips and accessories for various hand sizes. These additions narrow the controller and increase button proximity.

  • HORI makes smaller:

 PlayStation-licensed adjustable controllers. Despite lacking DualSense functionality, these controllers are more comfortable for small-handed users.

  • Button Remapping:

 The PS5 system software lets customers with tiny hands tailor their control schemes to decrease finger movement.

  • Backward Compatibility:

 Most PS5 titles work with the DualShock 4, which some gamers prefer. Compact and lightweight, the DualShock 4 is better for little hands.

Industry Response and Future Strategies

Accessible design is becoming more important in gaming. To enhance their goods, Sony and other big game firms gather customer input. The DualSense controller may have additional ergonomic modifications or size choices in the future to accommodate more users.

Gamers may soon be able to customize their controllers’ size and layout thanks to modular and adjustable controllers. Customizable controllers from Scuf Gaming might inspire mainstream designs.


Our PS5 DualSense controller is a wonder of current gaming technology, giving an immersive experience. For smaller-handed players, its size and shape are problematic. These workarounds and third-party solutions are available, but the industry must emphasize inclusiveness and ergonomic design to guarantee that all gamers can enjoy their favorite hobby.

Gaming gear will hopefully become more versatile as technology advances, meeting the different physical demands of gamers. Meanwhile, gamers with tiny hands may use available solutions to improve their gaming experience and fully appreciate the PS5’s creative environment.

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